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When I began this blog, I really wanted to showcase my fashion sense (which isn’t really worth anything) but Dodge City really makes it hard at times because of the lack of shopping places. Because of this, I really do all my shopping online. And let’s be clear, online shopping isn’t always great. Just ask my wallet.

Recently I went to Cummings Carousel, which is located in town and I fell in love with their clothing options and also their customer service. In particular was this floral dress that caught my eye. It was pretty, but I automatically knew that I could tough it out. This girly-dress was edged to the max with this leather vest and my usual booties.

In the end, I’m going to start to shop locally a little bit more, and you should too.

Warm weather is really making it easy to enjoy life lately. I’ll keep posting if you keep reading. As always.


Outfit Details

  • Dress from Cummings Carousel
  • Booties from Forever 21
  • Necklace from Cummings Carousel
  • Vest from Stage similar here

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