Red Hot


It feels so good to check things off my busy list. Today was the end of coaching soccer and all I can do is sit with pure excitement and utter exhaustion. But those two are the best feelings ever right at this moment.

I’ve been dying to showcase these pretty earrings from Forever 21. They are to die for. The moment I saw them I thought, oh man, spicy. The color is vivid and festive. Because I tend to be drawn to darker colors, earrings such as these, really help add pop to my life. These really helped me out.

Along with the earrings I also got the gingham mini overall dress from F21. They are shorter than I expected so I haven’t worn them to their full potential.

Lastly the sneakers are a new and affordable find from Citrus and Lemon Clothing. When I saw them I automatically figured that the pair would correlate well with everything in my closet.

Now that I have a little bit more free time, I’m going to blog more frequently, so don’t wear tired. As always.


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