Jump on White


Good night, it’s a late post because I can’t sleep at the moment.

So this is what you get. I’ve been digging Forever 21 lately. They currently have a lot of items that I’ve purchased to help me transition from school-day to summer-day. I’m excited to ditch my work clothes and opt for more relaxed and stress-free days.

With that in mind, I purchased this plunging striped dress just in time for summer. I absolutely love the fabric and the overall feel. I decided to pair it on the more casual side of things by wearing converse sneakers. This is perfect for daytime errands. Or dates with Micah, whom by the way I’m totally excited to see tomorrow. I haven’t seen him all week.

This weekend is packed with graduations and work. I’ll post next week. See ya then. Have a great one. As always.



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