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Hi guys,

Today’s Monday was a rough start of the week. I haven’t felt the best, but I am moving forward. This weekend was filled with so much joy yet it was sad to remember that my family lost a great man– my uncle. Sometimes life makes us contemplate everything it throws at us. It’s a mixture of emotions. How we deal with great losses truly defines us. I’m learning about that everyday.

Today’s look is a mixture of edge and some quirk. These red pants are the stand out piece. I wear them often especially during the work time. They are one of my most comfortable trousers. The top is both cool with a hint of sex appeal with the shear section. I absolutely love the neutral color.

I have a lot of things to share with you all this week. I hope I can make it happen depending on how I’m feeling. Let’s hope for the best. As always.

DSC_4096DSC_4125DSC_4112DSC_4102DSC_4124DSC_4099DSC_4101DSC_4094From this Look

  • Top @ The Buckle
  • Earrings @ The Buckle similar here
  • Trousers @ Forever 21 similar here

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