Pants, pants


Hola, Micah and I traveled to Kansas City this weekend to watch both the Royals and Sporting. It was a sport-filled weekend. And although we didn’t take pictures to showcase, I’m so glad we got to have a little mini-travel session.

We’ve been so busy with wedding planning and basically putting all our savings into the wedding of our dreams. It’s pooped us out. This little trip helped our spirits.

Today’s look features these pants from a new store in our mall called Gilk’s Boutique. This store makes our shopping area feel fresh and worth looking into. There are a lot of cute items, mainly for high school students, but I’m able to snag some age appropriate pieces. In comes these pants.  They are so cool, especially during the hot summer days. Keeping away from black, I decided to wear cool tones, just to change it up a bit. Adding color to my life helps give me some energy– believe it or not.

We’ve got 80 short days until we tie the knot and I’m beyond excited. Woot… Woot.

DSC_4366DSC_4377DSC_4364DSC_4374DSC_4356DSC_4337DSC_4361DSC_4341This Look:


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