Mustard find


I completely forgot to post the pictures from that one time I went fishing with Micah.

So, when Micah goes fishing, I tag along. He wants a fishing companion. I want to sun bathe. He wants a helper. I want to be left alone. Fishing is relaxing don’t get me wrong, but at the same time it’s so much work. Micah enjoys all that, as the good outdoors man he is. I do what makes him happy.

Usually I parade around shorts and a tee, but this time I decided to be extra and wear this swim suit from Cupshe. I noticed ads on this site for what seems like forever. Finally I caved in and bought two one-piece suits. They are great. I love the material. I love the way they fit. I love the color choices. In the end, I highly recommend buying suits from here.

It’s so hot, but it’s also nice to look hot while swimming. Ha! See ya soon.


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