Star Power

The moment I saw these pants, I had to have them. Now, they aren’t the typical pair I’d own, but I just felt like I needed to challenge myself by purchasing them. There are often times that I feel insecure about what I wear and why I have certain items in my closet. But, this is part of stepping out of my comfort zone. I want that for myself. It’s silly to think that these pants have that kind of star power, but they do. It’s always good to feel good about yourself and what you represent. That’s what I try to do daily via this blog.

I envision so many different outfits with these pants, including this one with this pretty chambray/jean top from francesca’s. I love this shop for so many reasons.  I’ve got several pieces I purchased and I can’t wait to share them with you all.

The pants are to die to for, right? They are velvet and flared. A total mix of cool. They are so comfortable, but I probably won’t be wearing them until this heat wave goes away.

Micah and I are going to a couples retreat this weekend to get us prepped for our wedding. We are pretty excited. Right now, all the wedding preparations have been a total secret, but stay tune, they will all be shared soon. Warm wishes.


From this Look:


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