Hi rockstars


It’s been hard getting to post lately, life, a husband, separation anxiety have all gotten in the way, but like I’ve been saying lately… I’ll be a better blogger.

The GREAT thing about moving in with a husband is the major closet space he’s built for your girl. I’m in heaven. This will make posting a lot easier. I hope to share with you all that space pretty soon. Let me get myself adjusted to this new life first.

Now that my clothes are in visible sight, my outfit ideas and combinations, have expanded. It’s so great. I feel spoiled.

Today’s look comes from some of my favorite pieces, items you’ve seen on here before. It’s a remix to this very rocker-chic Ramones tee. I love this item so much and wear it on the daily. I’m also trying to be more hip and also to experiment with the already awesome articles of clothing that I have, and combine way more. So that’s what I did. Hence you get this pale silver skirt from Zara and the print shoes from Bershka. All items to die for.


DSC_5317DSC_5361DSC_5312DSC_5314DSC_5319DSC_5369I’m also trying this new preset in Lightroom and working with shadows to boost my photos. I want to bring in new content. Feedback is really appreciated.

Look From:

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