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So our backyard is currently a mess because Grace and Chloe have been getting into some trouble. Grace is Micah’s lab mix and Chloe is my husky. We Brady Bunched them together. At first they hated each other, but now they go on digging adventures and frequent dumpster dives.

Micah is not happy to say the least.

So I was glad when we were able to shoot this look back there. The gazebo is cute and I’m so glad the lighting and still pretty flowers could be captured. I can’t wait for picnics out there.



Welcome back! Today’s post is all about this gorgeous teal dress I found at Francescas. It was a back-to-school find. I love it dearly. I’ve worn it so many different ways. This is just one of the many looks. I topped the lace patterned dress with this leather vest to give it some major edge. It’s become this obsession of mine to pair delicate pieces with much edgier ones.

Lately it’s been very important for me to find articles of clothing that I love beyond being versatile. I want to be able to wear them while I’m at work teaching and also to dates with Micah. Also, It’s important for me to wear items that I feel comfortable in. I want to wear clothes that show off my body (even when I’ve got major tummy fat), but more than that, wearing loose fitted items is just as okay.

BTW, I’m super excited to be blogging again. I love to write and also share my love of clothes with you all. Warm wishes.



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