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It’s been a long two days. Micah traveled to attend a basketball coaches camp this weekend and his absence was definitely felt.

So I busied myself and was able to blog. I’m excited to share this dress, finally. I bought it in the summer because I like the color and pattern, but I had absolutely no idea how to pair it. It’s very low cut and in a sense revealing. I figured I would wear it in the hot summer months because that’s what made sense, but no. Using the turtle neck totally made this dress fall appropriate. And I just can’t. I loved everything about this outfit. Now it’s cool and totally makes me feel at edge.

Also, I found these Steve Madden booties at Ross for $20, and just had to snag them. I couldn’t believe they were just sitting there. They are the best find to date. I’ll probably be wearing them very frequently.

Have a great weekend.



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