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I’m on my day 5 campaign of being the ultimate sick woman. It’s a title I don’t promote often, but man it’s been hard for me to graduate and leave this dreadful time of my life. It’s a place where I can’t sleep (or let Micah sleep). Where I throw up. Where I cough myself to crying. It’s been miserable. My nose looks like someone used sandpaper on it. It’s not good.

While I’m not living my best life at the moment, don’t worry I’ll get back at it, I’m reminded of items that make me feel pretty. All things considered. It’s still good to look pretty and feel pretty on the exterior even though inside we are fighting a battle to hold it together. It sometimes helps.

#1 DSC_5647

Okay, so what’s the point of putting makeup on if I’m just going wipe it all away after I blow my nose for the 1,000th time? There’s no sensible explanation, other than if you have these friends to help you.

My go-to primer currently is Too Faced “Hangoverx.” It’s so nourishing on my face. The coconut water base really helps replenish my face and helps it survive all things flu and cold.

The Urban Decay “Eyeshadow Primer Potion,” has helped my eyeliner stay in tact since I’ve been sneezing up a storm. I like the tint because it makes it appear as if I’ve got a little shade of eyeshadow on, which is perfect for days when I’m just not feeling the extra step of applying a shadow.

Then there’s the Tarte “Shape Tape Concealer,” that has been MAJORLY toning down the bags under my eyes from lack of sleep. This product has literally been my fighting savior. Praise.

#2 DSC_5646

Speaking of eyes and the never-ending problem to look fresh, put together, and flawless HA! As if that even exists. These under eye rose-gold gel masks from MasqueOlogy has been majorly helping me during these trying times. The best thing about these guys is that it comes in a set of 4, so you can use them twice! Major score deal. So in just two tries, my skin looks brighter and tighter. This mask is super hydrating and it’s loaded with collagen and gold to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, I mean come on? What more can you ask for?


Trust me when I say that my nose is beet red, so to help balance that out, I’ve been in constant use of my blush. This one from MAC in shade Gentle is perfect. Not only is it my go-to blush year long, but I especially love to use it when my face feels dry during the cold season. The mineralized texture helps bring some shine to my face.

I’ve been recently obsessed with this Stellar Iridscent Highlight by Color City in the shade Nebula. It’s in the hint of blue and despite the bright shade, it’s really stuble.


On a totally unrelated topic that has nothing to do with the fact that I’m sick. I cut my hair. No one noticed because I didn’t do anything major. The cut let my hair be its healthy self. So that helped, the cut. But also applying this oil mist was beneficial. It’s from Maui Moisture and it has coconut milk, which really helps if you have dry hair. It also has guava oil and a mango butter. PLUS, it’s made with 100% aloe extract. I mean I could rave on and on about this product, because it’s one of a kind.


Lastly, to go with my whole hair craze are these care cream-rinse out masks by “Garnier Whole Blends.” I’ve used the oat blend twice, but I also really like the moroccan argan one and the honey one as well. I use these at least once a week and I’ve noticed major changes to the other growth and shine to my hair. Plus they are like $1.50 each. It’s a good bargain.

— Friends, it’s hard being sick. Keeping it together takes so much more effort, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it smells like the weekend (gosh I wish I could smell right now.)

I hope to post outfits soon, let me just start feeling better, until then.


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