Pale Stars



This is probably one the most fun shoots Micah and I have done, mainly because Micah enjoyed it just as much and I did, and because this outfit rocked!

Everything about it was cool, despite the cold weather, we managed to capture my favorite look to date. There are times when I look at my posts and think this is cool, I feel great, and obviously the outfits are worth sharing. However, this look just really made me have fun. It’s hard sometimes to post looks and truly get excited about them, I call that a major rut.

So I’m pretty glad this sparked my fancy and we are back on track. Yay! So today’s look comes from two of my favorite shops at the moment, H&M and Pretty Attitude.

The pants, first of all, are velvet and perfect for the winter. They are cozy. They have flare. And the obvious they rock. I have worn them one other time on here, check it out.

The sweater is from H&M, I love it because again it is a little oversized, but because the mint green color is easy on the eyes.

Thanks for stopping by today to help me get over the week hump. What makes you happy? Does it have start power? See on Friday!



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