Black with some Strips


It’s been such a long work week. It’s probably because there are only 8 days left until Winter Break and my students, including me, can’t wait to get a much needed break. It seems like the closer we get to break, the more time it takes to actually get there. And now that basketball is in full swing, the heap of busy, doesn’t stop.

This week has also been bitter cold with the highs in the mid-30s. We were expected snow this evening, but nothing has hit us yet, only the cool temperatures. That’s why this look has me covered from neck-to-toe. I needed to be warm. So stockings have been on my list majorly as well as turtle-necks. Both of these items are much needed during the winter months. Of course I love to wear black, so it’s no surprise that’s present. But what adds color is the stripped skirt and the fuzzy jacket I got from a Western store way back when. It’s my staple piece during cold days because it’s both chic and warm.

On another note, I just got my wedding album and I’m excited as ever to share it with you all. It’s coming. Enjoy the weekend and I’ll see you back on Monday.



From this Look:


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