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Ugh it’s Monday, but only because I had a great weekend, and I didn’t want it to end. Micah and I accomplish a whole lot of nothing, but pretty much kept it very productive. I like weekends where time isn’t an issue and I can clean here and there without having to look at the clock.

A major thing on our schedule was watching movies. We literally watched 5 a day. My favorite was the Incredibles 2. I know I’m late coming into shore with this one, but gosh, this movie was everything. Jack Jack literally gave me major baby fever.

Then there’s this look. I mainly wanted to show off my new boots from Madden Girl at DSW. I absolutely love them. For one, they are uber comfortable. Second, they are cute and chic. Third, they match with everything in my closet. I’ve worn them to school once before and I enjoyed that I could walk in them all day without feeling like I had to sit down. Now that’s a good pair of shoe.

The top half of this outfit features a new sweater from H&M and this repeat camel skirt from Forever 21 that I got a very long time ago. The sweater was cozy and pretty in pink. I enjoyed that it was oversized because it’s off the shoulder, but the thickness, makes it bearable during the cold-mid day. The weather was prefect this weekend, so I was able to parade around this outfit with comfort.

It’s going to be a busy week, with my students making yearbook deadline, and Micah having games during the mid-week. But, I’ve got so many cool things I want to share with you all, including my wedding pictures, so please come back on Wednesday. Thinking of you.



From this Look:

  • Sweater@ H&M
  • Skirt@ Forever 21
  • Boots@ Madden Girl via DSW┬ánow on SALE for $54. 99

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