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Happy New Year, I’m back at it, with another attempt to find some normality to my life. It’s been hectic. And, nothing will be the same. But, I’m fighting for dear life. The reason why I was absent for so long, after being a little consistent, is because my grandfather passed away. He didn’t die suddenly, it was anticipated, yet his departure was rapid and hurtful. It was sad seeing what his farewell did to my mom and really all of us who cared about him. Yesterday was his birthday and while I wanted to ring in the new year, like I always did, with him. It just wasn’t the same.

Moving on will be hard, but I suppose we all have too, or else pain will consume us.

Today, I wanted to begin to be me again, and there was no better way than to share my first OOTD for 2019. It showcases these beautiful brown booties from Lucky Brand via DSW. It’s almost impossible not to love DSW. I find myself visiting the site almost daily and filling my shopping cart with hopes and dreams.

Although I’m not hugely into the color brown because let’s face it, I wear black like it’s my favorite color, these boots had to be mine. Here I’ve managed to pair them with black jeans, because even though it’s a major faux pas to pair the two colors, I like going against nature — only sometimes.┬áTo top it all off, I wore my oversized denim jacket from Forever 21 for the ultimate cool vibe. I think it worked. (Remember hopes and dreams)

Last year was filled with so many ups and a lot of downs. I lost two very important people, but I also found my best friend and life long partner. It’s hard to take in only the bad and not look at the good. I hope that where ever you are that 2019 fills you with hope for a better tomorrow. I’m betting on it.



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