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I know some of us said our goodbyes to 2018 last week, but just yesterday I was contemplating the year. There was so much that happened to me and while I love sharing with you moments of my life, I also want to celebrate all the looks I posted on the blog. Initially the plan was to post the top 12 OOTDs, one for each month as sort of this cliche post, but as I was reviewing my photos I came to the realization that I was proud of more than just 12. Hence the next 24 looks. Enjoy this flash back.

This year, I really tried to embrace girl gone edge. Sometimes this vibe gets pulled off, these two looks showcase my favorite band, Def Leppard. It’s my mission to remember them and express my rocker side by wearing these tees.

It was the year of the rock band.

It was also the year of the skirt and these cute boots from Bershka. I discovered the store while in Mexico during the summer and I purchased more items online later on. It’s a site I visit almost daily and get a lot of inspiration from it.

Mixing denim into my outfits was always necessary. I enjoyed added this staple item to my looks whenever I could. Whether it was with a fem dress or a casual street look.

Boots made a BIG impact in my life. I visited DSW a whole lot. You can never go wrong with a good boot.

Since the expansion of my closet, I’ve made more notable purchases, which have upped my shoe game. I especially fell in love with these white boots and the snake skin pair featured above. I’m so excited to wear these on the blog always and again.

Speaking of always and again, there was a lot of repeating on the blog. These cute overalls from Forever 21 made the cut because I was able to pair them in both the warm and cold seasons, making it a must have item.


Another hot item was this leather vest I got from Stage. I searched the depths of the sea for this piece and was just never able to find something that made me feel like it was worth while. When I saw this lone vest at the store without thinking it made its way into my shopping cart. It’s another item that I wear during every season of my life.

I also learned to shop local, the pretty dress is from a boutique in town called Cummings Carousel. It’s always hard for me to look in house when shopping because Dodge is so small and I like to be as unique as I can, but supporting local businesses is also a good thing.

Our mall is dying. As of right now the only chain stores that maintain it active are Maurices, JCPenney, and the Buckle. The looks above feature items from the Buckle.

The black boots are worn almost daily. Let me prove it to you.


Another item that made 2018 was this cute hat I got at Gordmans, I love how it completely transformed my outfits.

Online sites that I’ve enjoyed shopping at include Francescas because of their cute dresses that I enjoy rocking out and also edge town shops like Pretty Attitude, which gave me these star pants that are oh soooo coool.

I also don’t tire of wearing this comfy jeans from Zara. It’s no surprise that you see them on here all time and you should also be warned that you’ll see them again.

By the way, I should also mention that I seek H&M for delicate and comfort pieces including the mules and sweater featured above. It’s sort of my new obsession and now that Wichita has opened a store, it makes more sense to travel to the big city.

The color purple is my favorite, but consequently I don’t wear the shade at all. Why? No idea. Instead I always opt for allowing black to sit center stage. Try as I might, I can’t escape the color even on days when I’m needing to try something new, I can’t get away. It peeks in every time.

Above is the only time I went without wearing black, but that’s not the point. Let’s look at those pretty pants and also the dress on the left. They are from a new store that entered the mall this past year. It’s called Gliks. It’s very trendy, but sometimes I find it hard to find age appropriate items. Especially if I see my high school students shopping there.

During the winter one of the most important items in my closet is the turtle neck.


Here you see it paired with Steve Madden boots via Ross and a Miss Me fur faux jacket. All items that help keep me warm during the freezing moments of this crazy Kansas weather.

And there you have it. It’s hard to believe that I actually posted all that much last year because I didn’t quiet feel consistent, but I’m proud of the work I produced. Obviously there’s a LOT to improve and explore, but that’s what new beginnings are for. I’m looking forward to 2019 and creating new content for you all. Thanks to all my followers. You made it a great one. Cheers.



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