Always and Again: Overall Dress


IT FEELS SO GOOD, to get back to work.

I know most of us dread Mondays and the start of the work week, but this girl was so ready to get a productive routine going. I feel like working makes me a better blogger because it motivates me to keep going.

So be proud of your Aley. I worked, I edited newspaper pages for my students, I cooked for Micah, a load of laundry was complete, the bed now has clean sheets, and I worked out! SAY WHAT? I only pray this continues.

Today on the blog, I decided to add to the “Always and Again” series. I’ve been repeating a lot of items lately and truly wanted to showcase how I go about doing that. Then I came to the realization that this will only be the sixth time this series is updated.

With that I mind, I bring to you the overall dress from Forever 21.


I’ve worn this item during different seasons. The first time I wore it was in the summer. I paired it with sneakers and a basic black tee. The red earrings gave the look a pop of color. You can find the entire post here with links to the rest of the items featured.


I didn’t think I would wear this look again until, well, summer. However with some stockings, boots, and an oversized sweater–the overalls were back in action. This time the boots gave this item a more edgy vibe. Click the link here for more details on the winter overall look.


I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a comment and tell me which look you liked the best. I truly hope I can post more blogs under this series.

Please remember that you are loved.


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