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Hey ya’ll, it’s day 2 of being productive.

I was extremely too late when I came across Polyvore. When I first came across this app/website I absolutely loved everything about it. I would spend hours on end building outfits and creating major wishlist items. ¬†However, once I got the hand of what the website really did, it went away. And that was that. Suddenly I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Then through some browsing I came across ShopLook. From the looks of it, it’s still pretty new and there are a lot bugs. For example as of right now I can’t seem to get onto the website, reset my password, or log in. The page appears offline.

So I resulted into creating an outfit via my phone using the app. As of right now, I’m slow at finding what I need and arranging my items was a little hard. Unlike Polyvore, ShopLook has a lot of options, but only one style for each item, where the other app allowed you to design the piece differently.

Obviously the 2.0 version makes me feel at peace because I truly did enjoy browsing and finding inspiration. I’m going to continue to use the app/site for now because it is a great alternative. I’ll keep you guys posted on new finds, but also if ya’ll know something I don’t then please feel free to help me out. I’m a mess sometimes.


From this look:

  • Boots @dr.martens Leona boot via
  • Necklace @shashi via
  • Jacket @Mango Faux shearing via
  • Shoulder bag @H&M via
  • Dress @miu miu Ruffled Cady Dress via

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