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Like most of us can relate, the winter season is a little mean on the face. Mine is no exception. My summer tan fades come close to October and by the time February rolls around I use more lotion that a gallon will fit in my cabinet.

It’s harsh.

What I have learned throughout my new and enlighten years is that moisturizing is key and that applying toners and masks can definitely make a difference. But that’s probably no revelation to anyone reading this, however the right products too, are important.

Now I’m no expert by any means, I struggle to find the right beauty products, and through trial and error I’m sometimes lucky enough to stumble on what’s right for me. Ladies that’s also something to take into consideration, what works well for me, may not work for you. However checking these items out may not hurt.


I love a good face mask. I enjoy getting them in my Ipsy bag every once awhile because it allows me to explore new options. These two have been great to me and I’ve purchased them a second and even a third time.

The first mask is from BioRepublic Skin Care, it’s an illuminating fiber sheet mask that is geared towards helping the face become visibly brighter. This sheet mask in Pomegranate Crush has vitamin E and can be used on all skin types. The mask aims at energizing your skin tone, smoothing your complexion, and also giving you some radiance to help balance out the overall appearance of your skin. Double points, oh yea.

The second mask is called Natural-Tox. It’s an apple sheet mask. This product mainly helps smoothen and brighten the skin. For me these two things are important because I need some major brightening after it’s dull winter intake.

Despite the fact that it comes in a very cute package, the mask is made with red apple extract, which is good because that includes vitamins B & C. Also I had to look up what Saem is because it’s on the packaging, but this means that the mask has natural ingredients from various locations like Korea, Iceland, Tahiti, and Morocco.


Lastly, I give to you these four products. I don’t want to spend too much time talking about them other than the fact that I’ve been using them and they work for me.

  1. W3ll People bio correct, multi-action concealer: There’s so many good things about this product. It depuffs, firms, brightens, and soothes. Plus it’s organic and smells oh so good.
  2. Marcelle BB Cream and Golden Glow: This enhances the skin. I’ve worn this alone without applying foundation when I’m just running to the store and it truly helped build my skin tone and the golden glow was a for sure help. Praise.
  3. Befine food skin care: This exfoliating cleanser has brown sugar, sweet almonds, and oats. Just as much as it’s important to add masks and serums to the face, it’s also important to cleanse and exfoliate it too. This cleanser removes excess oil and help nourish dry and damaged skin. What helped me the most is that it help remove impurities while balancing my skin tone. Remember me going from sun kissed to pale? Major friend here.
  4. COTZ Sunscreen: This face tinted SPF 40 screen helps me not only during the summer, but also during that occasional moment when the sun decides to visit us in the cold month of January. I have also felt that the sun is must harsher in the bitter cold than in the summer. So this guy helps prevent a tough burn and also gives me color. That’s a good shield.

Staying hydrated also helps my skin look healthy, but these other alternatives can also help boost and balance my skin tone. Give them a try. Let me know what product I should try next. Much love.


2 thoughts on “For the face

  1. I enjoyed this post! I’ll definitely have to look into some of the products you mentioned. I just recently bought a rose water facial spray and I love it!
    Thanks for sharing this!

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