Dreaded Flashback Friday


Now that the new year has started, I’ve began to really look at all the times I’ve blogged, why I’ve been blogging, and why the heck I continue to blog.

These are all questions that I can answer, while others, I have to really ponder.

I started blogging back in 2012, after I gradated from college. I loved journalism, reporting, photography, and writing. So blogging was almost a no brainer. I never imaged that 6 years later I’d still be doing it. I’m more consistent now than I was before, but I can definitely see how much I’ve improved throughout the years.

Man I’ve changed in drastic ways. Appearance wise, my hair and style has evolved so much. I’m more edgy. My hair isn’t so questionable. Externally, I love myself more, my writing has improved and that’s because I’ve grown up as a person.

My photography has improved. I mean it’s a complete 180. See for yourself.

summer-airsummer-air4rain3rain 2rain1

I’m going to let the pictures speak from themselves, but also what was I thinking? Micah laughs at what my hair looked like and quiet frankly I don’t get it either. I loved my “A” earrings and remember wearing them almost daily when I wore the hair shorter.

I suppose the most important thing from these photos is looking at how proud I was of my work, which is still true to this day. So in reality I haven’t changed all that much. I’m still the same writer, passionate about her clothes and her photos.

Thanks for following me for 6 years, for watching me grow, and for supporting me. It means a lot.

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Enjoy making fun of me. I certainly did.


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