Snake Kissed


Why hello there friends, thank you for coming back new and old followers, your support is greatly appreciated.

What’s even more appreciated is your patience as I try to figure out this blogging world. I have yet again changed the site’s appearance, my pictures have new presets, and my organization skills are improving. So cheers to that.

Today’s outfit look comes from a weekend stroll Micah and I took to try out a new lens I got last week. I’m excited for it, but it was a LOT of trial and error to make things look the way we wanted. So far, we like.

I really like this outfit for many reasons for one I love the top’s dark contrast over the white pants. The surprise pop of color in the snake skin booties is that perfect touch to balance out this look. The different patterns aren’t too overpowering, they almost seem to compliment each other. Thoughts?

My life is going to get a bit busy here as we close off the school year, but I’m going to challenge myself with keeping you all updated on life and outfits of course. Fingers crossed.



From this look:

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