Good day, where I’m at we are currently under a winter fog.

It’s bitter cold, but it’s so beautiful. It’s the notion of “look but don’t touch” and these days I’m refusing to step foot outdoors. I just hope today’s look warms your spirits because it’s giving me major motivation. Don’t be fooled, this look was captured during the weekend when spring time weather flirted with us. Shame on her.

I bought this color block dress from Zara while it was on sale (it’s not available) and I couldn’t wait to wear it. It’s the perfect length and the colors are cool and contrast well with the oversize jean jacket. The fun part of this look is the double flap purse belt I purchased from the Buckle.

I never truly saw myself getting one of these seen I saw the trend spreading, but I finally caved in and purchased this one. I enjoy the fact that it’s very hands free. I also like that it’s a 2-in-one and can also be used as a belt. Can I get a woot woot?

As always I’ve been super busy with life and work and this and that. It’s a never ending cycle that sometimes doesn’t let me think, but like I’ve told you before I use this blog as a place where I can escape from my darkest fears. Thanks for tuning in.



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