Good Friday to all my followers, it’s a great day.

This week ya’ll are getting a double beauty review on products I’m excited to have come across. It’s very rare for me to be posting about makeup, because remember, I’m no good. One thing I do know for certain are products that work and make me feel great, beautiful, and at ease.


Today, I’m introducing the Moonstruck Epic mascara by Younique I came across this product through a friend that was selling the product. I’ve seen it time and time again on my Facebook feed and really didn’t pay much attention, but as soon as my regular wear mascara was coming to an end, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to try this product and also support small businesses.

I’ve been using this product for about a little over a week and I have to attest that I enjoy it very much. Just from the fiber lash-brush to the product itself, I could really see a transformation. One of the major things I liked was that the mascara didn’t cake on or feel heavy on my lashes. In addition, I had full coverage instantly, taking note that my lashes aren’t long or full.


This mascara gives a multi-effect, which helps boosts wide-eyed (man did I notice my eye pop), larger-than-life look, and without any clumps. So major bonuses of course.

Now I had never heard of Younique before, but I was excited about what they stand for, which is geared towards look and feeling great. The company was founded by a brother-sister and confidence is what they offer. Helping empower women is always a plus.


I truly feel like this product is a hidden gem and that’s why I’m excited to be uncovering it. For those of you who have heard/tried of this brand please share your thoughts. Thanks for reading and following me. See you next week.


This product sells for $24.00 in Waterproof Black, Black, and Brown.


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