Snow Storm


With four days left until Spring Break, Micah joked this morning and asked if I was ready for winter break because man it sure feels like mid December. Today it was about 18 degrees and the low was at 4. It was something, I’m not used too, especially not with Spring right around the corner.

I’ve been wanting to share these images from our last snow storm because it was honestly fun taking pictures while it snowed. The flurries were large. And Chloe had fun having me around her, something I feel bad about, neglecting her. She wants nothing more than to play with me in the snow, but me, not so much. So she suffers. This photo session was much needed.

This outfit features my new mom jeans from PacSun. I absolutely love jeans, they are affordable, comfortable, and they fit true to size. The wash is so cool too. You all know that I love to wear oversize items and jeans are always on the list. Especially these.

The top is also new, it’s from H&M, I got it on sale. The tiger sequin is my favorite part. It totally gives off a edgy-cool feel.

From Saturday all the way up to last night we accumulated about 3-5 inches of snow, it’s bitter cold, but somehow I have to keep trudging along or stay unproductive. We must keep it going. Keep the fire going. I’m praying for you.



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