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Good evening my fellow comrades,

This is an open letter to spring. Where the heck are you? When are you coming to visit me? Why are you taking so long?

Man, it’s been such a long winter. I feel this way during this time of the year, I know spring is right around the corner, yet I can’t wait any longer. Patience is my worst enemy and also my dull, pale, and dry legs can’t fathom one more pair of long socks. Deep sigh.

In an effort to have something to look forward too, I’ve created a list of must have items, featuring a favorite site of mine– Nasty Gal.

I love this store for so many reasons, mainly because it’s versatile, unique, and also for everyone. Right now the site is holding a 50% off all items and of course I had to jump at some of the pieces. These ones included. What are you longing for this spring?

1. The What Goes up Platform Sandal

Item 1

I’ve wanted a pair like these since last summer and was pretty excited to see they didn’t go out of style. I love the wedge size and the black and brown color combination. I also feel like this pair can go with a good pair of jeans (as seen above) or a nice flowy dress.  That’s why this item makes it in at No. 1 on my list.

2. Dots of Love Polka Dot Midi Dress

Item 2

I love the length of this midi dress, the bottom design, and the light feel it gives off. I see myself using this dress as a transition piece and go from spring to summer using a tee underneath or heck even on top. It also looks like a great festival dress. Pair it off with statement earrings and a western inspired belt and you have desert vibes all over.

3. Frilled to Be Here Ruffle Midi Skirt

Item 3

Everyone that has read my blog, knows I’m a die hard skirt lover, especially one that’s long and asymmetrical. So of course I fell in love with this one. It’s perfect and of course goes with a lot items. I see endless possibilities and frankly I love having that attitude.

4. Top Zip Denim Mini Dress

Item 4

I have the overall dress from Forever 21 and truly love it, but I think I need to own a denim one and when I saw this one, it was added immediately to my cart. It’s so chic and edgy all in one. Those are pieces I live for.

5. Hit the Spot Shirred Top

Item 5

And lastly. Now normally a girly top like this wouldn’t seem like a go-too item for me, but I really love the overall feel of this top. I love the color, the print, the design, and who knows maybe edging it out would be a challenge worth taking.


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