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Well good day kind people.

It’s been awhile, but I basically told you this would happen. In all reality, I’d like you to just hang tight as Micah and I wrap up this school year. It’s going to be crazy between him and I coaching baseball and soccer respectively.

With all the crazy and running here and there, my style has parked at basic. BUT there’s nothing basic about comfort and ease. This is what this look is. These new jeans from Pacsun really bring edge and style, but most importantly I feel great and they wear awesome. I paired the jeans with a basic white tee and my new Van high tops I was gifted for Christmas.

I enjoyed wearing this look out, mainly because it’s finally nice enough outside to drop a couple layers, but also and simply because I was able to feel great all day.

Note, I’m also working on various editing techniques because I can’t seem to figure out what I like. It’s been fun playing with Photoshop and Lightroom. I mean do ya’ll have any thoughts? Thanks for coming back even after my long absences, you all are loyal followers and I appreciate that tremendously. With love.



From this look:


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