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You maybe surprised to see me here again after nearly two months of absence, trust me, I’m also in disbelief.

There is so much going on in my life at the moment, that I can’t even begin to fathom how my world has shifted. In short, I’m moving to Oklahoma. I hope I can share more about the move later as I plan to be more consistent this summer and share with you all new things and outfits. For now, simply know that I missed writing and taking photos.

Thank you for sticking around with me and continuing to like my posts on IG, it’s much appreciated.

Now, let’s get to this post. Since my current move, I’ve escaped the hurt through shopping. Currently my go-to place is The Buckle. Now the jumpsuit is a bit tight because also from the despair of moving I’ve packed some pounds, but the none-the-less I’m embracing who I am, sadness and all.

Also new, is my hair cut. I needed a change pretty bad. My hair had major damage and at this point no product could ever help restore it, a major trim did the work. I guess not everything in life is sad.

I hope you enjoy what you see. Thanks again for coming back. Asalwayslogo


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