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Day two of blogging in a week? Say what? #winning

This week I’ve been writing from Oklahoma, the place where Micah and I are moving to. Micah got hired to be the head basketball coach at Altus High School. It’s been his dream and we are both very lucky for this opportunity. One of the reasons why I married Micah is because of his love and dedication for his dreams. He likes to work hard for what he believes in and I truly admire him for that.

Although the move is hard for me, I have to be supportive. Being there for Micah is the easy part, everything else, is hard. But I’ll get there.

When things scare me, I’ve been turning to nature and how beautiful change is. In the dead of winter, we are in a waiting period, it’s a time for reflection. Once the first green blooms, transformation makes us appreciate life’s changes.

With that in mind, I’m showcasing this leopard print top from Glik’s, just because a girl’s gotta be fierce too. I absolutely love this top because I can see the different ways that I can pair it, it’s a timeless piece that mixes and matches perfectly with other items in my closet. For now, it was used with a touch of edge featuring black shorts and boots.

There’s a lot more “new” coming my way, I hope that I’m able to share it all with you and that in return, you’ll support me. It’s what keeps us going.


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  1. That too is really cute! I have been loving leopard print recently. I love how it can look really casual but it can also be pretty dressy too. Loved how you’ve styled it x

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