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Hi, happy Friday!

I’m so glad that I was able to consistently blog three times this week. #score

Today’s post will be short and sweet, mainly because it’s Friday, and we need to jump start the weekend.

Now many of you probably wonder why I love 80s music so much, or even at all? Growing up I always considered myself to be girly, in terms of style. I loved wearing flowery dresses, lace, pearls, but then one summer my mom and I went to Mexico to clean out my grandparents house. There I saw the most magical piece of technology (if you can call  it that now) a vinyl record player. I remember dusting it off and wondering if it still worked, the wires were split, the buttons worn out, but once I hit the switch and it light up, so did I.

Flick the Switch came on and the rest was history. From then on, rock became a part of my life, I enjoy remembering and connecting with my mom because let’s face it? Why did my mom have this record to begin with? Call it random, but me, I call it fate.

So this top is the perfect blend of  pretty, it’s tinted purple color screams As Always, but ACDC makes me feel cool. Plus it also gives me another excuse to match it with these white booties.

Have a great Friday, remember to rock out, it’s okay  air play a guitar this weekend!



From this look:

3 thoughts on “Music in me

  1. Cute I love graphic tees and your booties very chill look for the weekend. Congrats on your three post I can barely get one in … lol Have a ”goodtar” weekend

  2. Love that top! 80s music was great. I also really miss vinyl! We’ve got so many records but no player so really need to invest in one again.

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