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Happy Wednesday everyone, today’s post is very special and exciting because I’m reviewing a product that I’ve consistently been using for about 6 months now. The results are noticeable.

As many of you probably have noticed in my pictures, I developed major puff under my eyes. The bags under my eyes were embarrassing at times considering that lack of sleep wasn’t the factor for their appearance. I was stressed out. Yet I didn’t want people to know that the anxiety of the current move and a new job was the cause of me looking tired and worn out. I’m 30 after all, and for me, that number doesn’t read old at all. I feel young as ever, yet I wasn’t look like a million bucks.

So after walking up and down the drugstore aisle, I came across e.l.f products, simply because I use the brow pencil and love it. This time I wasn’t looking for beauty. I was looking for health. I came across the Illuminating Eye Cream, which is only $10, mind you.

I’m the first to admit that I’m not very patient and wanted to see results right away, but I truly wanted to commit this time, and not make rash decisions after only a week of wear. After 6 months, I truly noticed reduced fine lines around my eyes, the area felt hydrated, and the bags that were there–minimized.

Now with the results being evident, it’s easy to want more information, but the cream is infused with water that is purified, it consists of jojoba, Vitamin E, and also includes cucumber. This for sure helps soothe and protect skin, an area that is pretty sensitive. The cream also has Shea butter and green tea, ingredients that help with puffiness and aim to give a glowing looking skin.

With all this in mind, I give the cream a 10/10 and highly recommend it to anyone looking to feel and appear fresh looking.

I enjoy reviewing products and would like to share with you all other items I use that help me, thoughts? What do you want to see?


3 thoughts on “e.l.f Eye Cream Review

  1. I really like dermalmd eye serum! I haven’t tried any others since dark bags under my eyes are a newer thing, but this is refreshing, firming and I feel it is helping. I haven’t had enough time with it to really tell, but it’s definitely apart of my routine now!

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