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Today’s blog post is very important to me simply because, without realizing it, taking care of my skin has been a top priority as of late. When I was younger I was that awful human being that didn’t wash her make up off before snoozing, now it’s part of my daily routine. I don’t think I can stress how this part of your skin care is vital. I took it for granted in my early 20s, but now that I’m 30, it’s just as important as kissing Micah good night.

For years on end I loved using Neutorgena’s natural fresh cleansing + makeup remover because of the two-in-one take. I enjoyed how the lotion removed my make up without drying my skin as it contains no harsh chemicals. It was so gentle and with time I truly felt that it left my skin feeling fresh and clean.


However through some browsing around I discovered Pond’s Cleansing balm, which has been a major life changer. Not that the Neutorgena cleanser isn’t worth the snag, but the texture of the balm changed my perspective. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about rubbing oil on my face until it melted my makeup, but with time I noticed the balm not only cleaned my skin, but it also moisturized it. I saw skin improvements that I didn’t see before, like softness and even glow.


So now I’m totally conflicted because I love both of these products, not equally, but to the same effect. I enjoy the Neutrogena’s cleanser because it’s effective. It gets the job done, however the balm is easier to use, especially if I’m super worn out from a long day. If anyone asks, I’d recommend both, preference is key however. Aren’t choices fun?

The Neutrogena product is $7.99 at Ulta.

The Pond’s product is $9.99 at Walmart.


I’m not sure if this review helped, then again, I’m not sure I’m choosing either. I suppose this post is more or less to give you options, to raise awareness of the fact that both these products can help the skin out majorly.

So, what’s your take on cleansers? Which one do you use? Thoughts? I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by. With love.



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