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Hiya gang, things have not been very good lately, hence the absence. As Micah and I try to regroup, I couldn’t help but take a deep breath and take a moment to count my blessings. It’s hard to see them right now, but they exist. I’m pretty lucky.

Moving forward, I’d like to begin blogging again by sharing our Europe trip. Since we didn’t take a honeymoon back when we tied the knot in September, we saved up money and traveled overseas. We saw London, Paris, Rome, and Madrid. Cities we adored. We ate, we drank, we got blisters on our feet.

Our first stop was in London, now we had a minor mishap with Air Canada, and didn’t have luggage during our entire stay there. It was awful. The worst part of it all was that we had to stay around the Airbnb we stayed at because our luggage was “scheduled for delivery” making it nearly impossible to fully experience the city. We literally had 14 hours to see it all, which wasn’t enough, but none-the-less we were grateful to see what we did.


Big Ben was under construction, but he sure looked good! IMG_0241

We got to see the Abbey from afar, this is something I’m pretty sad we missed. IMG_0235IMG_0226IMG_0222IMG_0209IMG_0202IMG_0199IMG_0196IMG_0181

The London and Tower Bridges were so tall and beautiful. IMG_0166IMG_0172

Lastly, our walk around this pretty dock was breath-taking. The clouds helped capture these images and we had fun just taking a moment to calm down after our luggage mishap.

Thank you for being a constant fan and of course for your support. See you soon.


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