In Paris


After our unfortunate luggage tobockle, Paris saved our spirits, gave us comfort, and hope. One the first day there Micah and I took a day to unwind. Relaxing was just what we needed. We strolled the streets of Paris without any plans and that alone gave us the energy we needed to explore the rest of Europe. But that’s for another post.

This one is dedicated to a late le tour à pied.


Day two brings us to Paris, the city of love, as they say. And we did fall in love. We fell in love with the streets, the ice cream, and the macaroons. For me Paris was all about the fashion, the clothes, and what people were wearing. Now I didn’t get to go shopping, but I enjoyed watching the comfort of the street-wear of the city. I was pleased to see that it was very much relaxed and I fit in, wearing dresses, skirts, tanks, and sneakers. I rocked the heck out of my Van high-tops, which allowed me to enjoy walking up and down the cozy streets of Paris.


What I wore

Come back tomorrow as I take you through more of this city.


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