Sighting Paris


To end our time in Paris, Micah and I strolled through the city and saw as much as we could. We took it as a “we came, we saw, we conquered” type of vibe. And it was fun. Obviously there were places we stopped a little bit longer to fully admire, but we enjoyed more than anything, knocking items off our list of must sees.


After the Eiffel Tower, we traveled to the Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre. This basilica is a Catholic Church dedicated to the sacred heart of Jesus Christ. It was every Catholic girl’s dream. I’m a huge sucker for my faith and I’m constantly amazed with the way churches transcend Jesus. This is one the places where Micah and I walked around, prayed, and just took everything in.

I enjoyed walking around and seeing stone angels, St. Peter, stained glass, paintings, alters, but most importantly seeing how many people gathered to be in the presence of Jesus. For whatever reason they might have been there, they stepped foot, and I truly hope it touched their hearts, in one way or another.


Next, we visited the Arc de Triomphe de  l’Étoile. The arc itself was a true wonder, but the avenues around it made the climb to the top worth the calf burn.What’s best is that Micah’s great-great-great-great grandpa’s last name (Dubois) is on the arch, which made it that much more special. The connection to this grand piece of history was like any other.


We also made a small appearance at the Louvre Museum, but didn’t get a chance to go in, because of time. We understand that going inside would have been very amazing and we are sad that we missed out, but we were still very fortunate to see the outside structure. The triangle, the building, and the garden still made for a great experience. #noregrets


Lastly was our small glance at Notre-Dame de Paris, the said beautiful medieval Catholic Cathedral, and I’m sure it was just from the beautiful exterior. Currently the cathedral isn’t open because of what it underwent, but being around it had to be okay. Just from the outside it was clearly constructed beautifully with French Gothic architecture.

In short, Paris was beautiful, endearing, and very quaint. We liked the history and how much of it still exists and that is very evident.

Now I can’t wait to share with you all destination No. 3, which was my favorite.



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