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With the long weekend in full effect it’s easy to want instant gratification because we’ve worked hard and we need a break. With this comes the need to ignore how truly blessed we are, it happened to me in Rome. I was in awe by the trip I was in and the things that I was experiencing that I don’t think I stopped to thank my Holy Father.

Visiting the Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica made me realize the reason why I needed to stop and praise the Lord for all the good in my life. I bet you’ve been reading through some of my previous posts and thinking that I’m quite impressed at everything I’ve seen, but yet again I have to say that visiting these two places in Rome were probably the highest points of my entire trip to Europe.

If you follow my blog closely, you know that I’m a devoted Catholic and practice my faith with love and passion, so naturally visiting the Vatican filled me with the much spiritual healing my soul needed. This place was filled with history, information, art, and faith– all of which I appreciated.

I probably took 1000 pictures and asked Siri a million questions, but just to keep this post short and sweet I’ve complied some of my favorite site from these places.


The artwork inside the Vatican was absolutely breathtaking, our tour guide did a good job telling us the stories behind each painting as well as telling us about the lives of the Michelangelo and Raphael and their legacy marked.

I asked several questions that got Micah giving me major eye rolls. The highlight was when he whispered in my ear, “I’ve got a question you could ask…, ask if we are going to see Splinter?” I laughed after I scolded him.


Aside from remarkable works of art and sculptures, these tapestries left me at awe, not only for their size but also for their detail. The creators of these were talented beyond measure and I was suddenly ashamed that I can’t even a sow a button.


Finally, St. Peter’s Basilica. This church was chilling. Everywhere I turned I saw my faith renewed. I know some of you must think I’m just idolizing, but what I saw was the work of Jesus, and his people’s devotion at hand. I was filled with the Holy Spirit with St. Peter’s passion to spread Jesus’s Gospel, which inspired me to rethinking how I’m living my faith.


Now there are a lot of areas that photography and video are prohibited, like the Sistine Chapel, which mind you is remarkable. Another note is that dress code is pretty set to no shoulders baring and no knees showing. All of which was okay because some things are better left to enjoy and not to ponder.

Happy Labor Day weekend, please enjoy yourself, and I’ll see you on Monday.



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