I wish I wasn’t saying goodbye to Labor Day weekend, but all good things come to end.

Uncle Todd was gracious enough to let us hang at his pad and Micah and I took full advantage of the pool to swim pretty much until the dead of the night. It was a nice time to relax, contemplate life, and just read. Self love is what I call it.

After a parade, sloppy joes, and smoked salmon I’m finally home blogging and sharing with you all what kept me afloat poolside. This swim suit from Cupshe was the perfect amount cool, which also boosted my self esteem. I haven’t worked out in ages, I haven’t been eating properly, I’m stressed, and well life hasn’t been all that great lately, but this suit gave me some confidence. It’s flattering to say the least.

I’ll be back to posting about my trip and wrapping up Europe before I dive into some special collaborations I’ve been working on. I also sent out my first monthly newsletter, so if you aren’t subscribed to my blog, please do so. I believe you can check it out here.


Swimsuit@ Cupshe similar here

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