It might be Spain


I’m back to blogging this week and bringing you the last leg of my European trip. I’m ending this series with Spain, which sort of turned out to be my lucky charm. Turns out the Spanish are going to turn my life around and while I’m not going to give you all that many details, I’m excited to see what the future holds. Hang with me.

Day 1 of Spain took us to Madrid where we relaxed in cooler weather and even awesome plazas and squares. The culture spoke to me and it was the perfect way to end our stay overseas.

We stayed down the block from the La Puerta de Toledo, which is a gate that was built to commemorate the arrival in Madrid of Fernando VII, “the Desired One.” It was the perfect place to help guide us through the city. We enjoyed walking through and around this beautiful piece of architecture.

IMG_1571IMG_1548IMG_1573IMG_1569IMG_1565I also wore this dress from Glik’s, the skirt and cut outs helped give me the perfect flow to weather the heat. It was a great relief.


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