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Good evening fine people. Just when I thought I had some consistency on Always Aley, life is here, looming. Well as many of you might know from my first newsletter, I’m no longer in Oklahoma, my new job takes me to Wichita and the excitement of seeing what the year will bring is truly something to look forward too.

But I must remember to pause and be thankful for God’s love and continued blessings. All of this, of course comes to into full circle, and makes writing this post that much better. I mean how great is my God?

So after we walked the Garden’s of the Royal Palace, Madrid paired the site perfectly with this Cathedral. The Almudena Cathedral (Santa MarĂ­a la Real de La Almudena). It’s the main seat of the Archdioceses of the city and it was also consecrated in 1993 by St. John Paul II, which is so cool in itself.

The Almudena is a prominent medieval icon of the Virgin Mary, which serves as the patroness of Madrid.Upon entering the cathedral you could really see the medieval make of the exterior just from the glass work, the pillars, and overall structure. It’s places like these that fill me with awe and the Holy Spirit. And for that, I’m ever thankful.


Check out how gorgeous and huge this organ was, I wish I could have heard it play.

IMG_1289The ceiling work was my favorite, the pattern and design was everything.

IMG_1274IMG_1320The entrance door was carved with this wonderful masterpiece of the Crucifixion of Christ, with the image of God watching on. It was breathtaking.


This is the alter of La Almudena herself. IMG_1305IMG_1296IMG_1291IMG_1314IMG_1270IMG_1279IMG_1276

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