El Bernabeu


From a young age, I became fascinated with futbol. It was my dream to play college ball, coach, and of course play witness to awesome games from time to time. Up to this point, my dreams in a sense had came true. While watching KC Sporting play at Children’s Mercy Park seemed like the highlight of the season, it wasn’t until my travel to Madrid that I realized El Bernabeu is like any other.

I don’t exaggerate in saying that the soccer God’s blessed Madrid, not only with the best players in history, but also with a facility to match. Yes I enjoyed stepping foot inside the stadium, heck I was even giddy sitting on the bench, but the highlight of the day was touring in the museum. The history of Real Madrid is like any other, it’s rich in culture, and the accomplishments are inspiring.

This day was pretty hot, so I wore these very snug khaki shorts and this cut out polka dot top that allowed movement and a slight breeze to help make the day worth while. These flats were the only pair I brought on the trip. They were mainly for comfort, but they also served to give off edgy vibes.

All things considered, touring this stadium was the best part of visiting Madrid, and I recommend it.




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