Mayor luck


Happy Wednesday, it’s been a long week.

Now that I’ve started my new job, time has been of the essence. I’m learning a lot about myself, but most of all, I’m learning a thing or two about patience.

Today, I’m writing my last Europe post. Finally! It’s sad that this trip is finally coming to an end, blog wise. It’s been such a journey and I’ve had so much fun looking through the different places Micah and I visited. Recounting our blessings is a great way to be thankful, and I can’t lift our Lord up enough.

There will be about two more posts about Europe, there’s a food post I’m dying to share as well as a beer tasting post featuring Micah that is too good to pass up. But today I want to focus on La Plaza Mayor. We traveled to this meeting place on our third day in Madrid. We fell in love with all the shops, we even ate breakfast there. This was also the Plaza where we shopped for our family. There were so many authentic and traditional tourist shops to browse through. The ice cream was also great in this area.

I was truly amazed at how many people circulate through this Plaza, I wasn’t surprised per say, more like “yup, I can see why.” This place is filled with eye catching sites and the structures are full of history and beauty, no wonder Felipe III built it.


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