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Hello lovelies! Work has been kicking my butt lately. It’s early morning this and late night that. All work and no play. But lately I find comfort in writing and sharing with you all my photos filled with new outfit ideas.

Since my move to Wichita, I’ve enjoyed the fact that there are plenty of locations to shoot photos. It’s never a dull day. So “new” is great.

Today’s look shares old articles of clothing done up in a new way. Yay I love new! I adore wearing my snake skin boots, but trying to pair them with anything can be a challenge, but when I wear them I feel so cool regardless of what I’ve got on.

These comfy jeans from Pacsun made the look feel easy along with this cool top from Zara, which added the necessary vibe.

As far as accessories, I’m not one to add more, but this clip from Lefties was dainty and added to the overall look.

Well now that I feel more at ease and inspired by the change in my life I can’t wait for you to come back and see what I’ve got in store next.


From this look:

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