It’s important to feel comfort in what we wear, that’s been me lately. So what I’ve been doing is dressing up, oversized edition. I’ve enjoyed every moment. At first I figured that upping one size would just drown me because of my height. Once I got over this, I was able to enjoy mixing and pairing a lot of what’s already in my closet. Yay!

Today’s look featured this cool oversized coat from Forever 21. I truly enjoy this denim jacket because I’ve been able to use it for multiple and different outings. Underneath is this flow-filled dress with cool neck details. I wore this dress to my wedding reception. The back details are cool too, but that will have to be for another post on a much warmer day. Lastly the riding boots complete the look by adding yet another element of comfort.

Warmer days prompt outings like these where I get to showcase looks like these. Though I know they won’t come often, it’s hope that keeps me warm. Show me some love.


USElook info

  • Dress was gifted I believe from Gliks
  • Jacket @Forever 21
  • Riding boots similar @Nordstrom

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