Skirt + Sweater Combo


I really do hate this Tuesday, Thursday rotation I’ve got us all on because come Friday I miss you all dearly. For now it will have to do. I am hoping that once things settle, posting will be more frequent. Life is just hectic.

Today was a bit tough, my trusty photographer and best husband ever wasn’t able to take my pictures so I literally threw it back to 2012 and busted out the tripod. It was hard ya’ll! Thankfully I had Chloe bear to help make things easier. She collaborated and allowed me to focus on her and I could place myself in that spot perfectly. I mean she’s the greatest. Sorry Micah, you might get replaced, much to your dismay.

Okay let’s get into this look. It’s featuring items that are pretty trendy in the blogger world. It’s oversized sweaters and skirts. I have felt pretty much inspired to try it out myself. I did promise that I was going to fend off black for awhile, but here we are, and it’s okay. The contrast in the color block sweater prompted the coordination. It was a nice mix of fall neutrals.

I hope you’ll share your looks with me, I am looking for some guest bloggers. Please contact me. I’ll see you all again on Thursday.


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