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Good evening, I hope everyone is having a great work week. Thanksgiving break left me more tired than I should be. I suppose I need a break from taking a break.

Speaking of relaxing, I spent a good deal shopping around and I got a couple of things that I’m excited to share with you all. First on the list is this fuzzy sweater that seems to making a permanent stay, not only for the colder season, but also in the blogger world. Comfortable and chic sweaters are in people and the fuzzier the better.

I picked up this beauty at Old Navy, which has a great collection of sweaters like this. My initial intuition was to pair this pull over with some athlesuire vibes. Yet something told me to do the unthinkable and wear a black tunic dress and these lucky booties you’ve seen on here. Expect to see this sweater on here again, it’s cold/cool not too wear it again.

Have a great night, see you on Thursday!


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