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The older I get, the more beauty products I have and actually use. It seems like the past year, I own more creams and serums than I can count. So organization is key for me and for Micah. I hated the fact that all my creams were just laying there in a bunch. Even though it seemed like I had my ducks all in a row, it was still a sinker worrying about knocking things over. Thanks goodness for Pinterest and the wonderful ideas one can get.

I bought this cute tiered tray at TJMAXX and use it for a different purpose and therefore is now is my cream organizer. I love it. It helps keep things tidy. It’s decorative. It seems to fit all my creams and then some. It also looks pretty on the bathroom sink.


What I enjoy most about this organizer is that it compliments not only my bathroom, but also it also makes my products look chic. As of late, I also keep it to store the earrings that I wore the night before, which is pretty helpful.

If you’ve got another cool idea for organization, please let me know. AsAlwayslogoNEW

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