Snow day rockstar


Happy Monday! I wish I would have posted these a lot earlier, but the moment I realized we had a snow day, I forced myself to sleep in, which didn’t take much effort. It was unexpectedly nice to get today off because ya’ll, I’m exhausted! It’s been a long semester. Let’s just say I’m so ready for Christmas break and the time to be around family, but mostly importantly to get time to myself. It sounds selfish, but I need time to clean, read a book, and to take a long shower. It’s vital sometimes.

Hence the fact that this post is a little later, but it’s coming to you with lots of frozen love. Chloe keeps making an appearance in these photos and I’m not mad about it. I have a new found appreciation for her after she’s underwent surgery to get a cancer tumor removed. She’s welcomed on the blog now.

Tonight’s look features my rocker side. She’s been missed. For the chilly occasion I wore my favorite leather jacket with my newsboy cap to pull the look together. Underneath I wore an oatmeal colored turtle neck, because I love these lately. Lastly I “rocked” these mom jeans from Lulus. I bought these cool girls during the Cyber Monday sale.

Now with some time off nearing I’ll be blogging a little more, so stay tune. I’m wishing you a great week.



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