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Happy Friday! I’m excited to be on break with the road to relaxation.

Before I take a sip of hot chocolate and watch the Christmas Story, I have to get to shopping. That’s what today was all about. As much as I hate to go shopping last minute, I had no choice this year. With a new job and life being hectic and mean, I just wasn’t as organized as I usually am.

To help me, I wore this comfy outfit. It was the best because it allowed me to walk in and out of stores in a blink of an eye and with breeze. I wore these mesh leggings from Forever 21 with my Active Faith hoodie underneath this coat that was gifted last year during this time of the year. And because I had to run around Nikes were the best option.

It’s not too cold out, but there’s enough of a chill effect to make wearing a beanie essential. It’s a little tougher for me to be comfortable and chic at the same time. Usually dress down for me means sweats and a hoodie. I hope this look helps you get up and at it with the last minute shopping. What stores are you visiting? Have a great one.


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