Green fever


My second favorite color is green. Next to purple, I’m a sucker for this shade. It’s cool and its earthy tone fills me with warmth. And since I’m trying to leave black to a thing of the past, green is the next big thing. I’m enjoying playing with a different color palette because truly it’s making me feel vibrate. The transition has been hard, but this shade of color is helping me with the move.

This late outfit comes mostly from Lulus and features this gorgeous dress. I thought I’d be saving it for the spring weather, but with the right pairings, it was showcased sooner on here. It didn’t disappoint either.

Along with the turtle neck, new metallic booties, and also this fuzzy coat, this dress made me feel some type of way. The flow was perfect and it transmitted just the right amount of earth that I needed for today’s events. I went shopping, book browsing, and makeup scavenging.

Can’t wait to share with you all my new year plans for Always Aley. It’s filled with a lot of collaborations and content I’m giddy about. What I’m also excited about is you joining me along for the ride. It’s going to be good. Buckle up.



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