2019 here’s to you


Ya’ll, for the past several months I’ve been speaking some realness on how much different my life became and how I honestly didn’t know how to handle it. The year started out on a great note, I married the love of my life and we both toured Europe for a delayed honeymoon. It was great. But when we got back to the states, my life wasn’t the same anymore, it was different.

In the end life changes aren’t always what we expect them to be. Yes we seek happiness by leaving home and our loved ones in hopes of a new life. It’s mostly with optimism. But when those hopes and dreams are crushed, it’s hard to bounce back. That’s where I was stuck.

I’ve decided to leave behind my struggles, the feeling of defeat, the whining, tantrums, the despair, the complaining, the hate, and the anger so that I can focus on the good. There is good and it’s going to be okay. It’s got to be. I have to believe that 2020 is going to be filled with great things. With optimism.

Help me recap the year. The good. What I love. What I’m proud of.



I started off the year sporting this pretty leather jacket. I loved it because it’s a total mix of edge and fem. I really like the flower print. This look also features glasses from Eyebuydirect.com. 1 Jan


I stepped out of my comfort zone during month two and bought these snake skin boots that you’ve seen grace the blog plenty. I’ve worn them so many different ways, this was one of my favorites. I mean KISS them so good. 2 Feb


Looking back, I can’t believe we had a snow storm in March. To help make things more interesting, Chloe made an appearance because well, she’s a snow dog. I didn’t realize how much love I’d have for this girl until the end of the year. Her cancer put things into perspective for me. I’m glad she’s still around. 3 March


What I miss most about living in southwest Kansas is the open plains and the beautiful sunsets that can be witnessed. There’s nothing like them. This is also the month where I bought a leather bag pack from Target and called it my purse. Oh the joys. 4 April


In an effort to make change a positive avenue in my life, I chopped off the hair and opted for a long boob. I felt lighter on my feet and with that I felt more edgy. Cool. So I bought this romper from the Buckle and jammed out with summer coming to a wonderful start. 5 May


The new hair gave me some confidence and I went out and bought these cool white boots via DSW. They are Steve Madden. ACDC helped. With this my posing for outfits grew and know there’s a different perspective to the way I blog. 6 June


Animal print made a huge impact in the blogger world and I jumped on the bandwagon. I enjoyed wearing this top with these black boots and shorts, which were the perfect combination to cool summer days. 7 July


Towards the end of July into early August Micah and I traveled to Europe for a late honeymoon adventure. We went to London, Paris, Rome, and Madrid. It was so magical getting to play tourists and sight see some of the best sites. Paris and Rome were my favorite. I loved wearing my Vans and skirts all trip. 8 August


Labor Day was a time lounge around the pool and reflect on summer and it coming to an end. It was a time for grasping onto freedom for one last time before reality sunk in. I got this bathing suit from Cupshe and I wore it to say goodbye to the heatwave. 9 Sept


I had wonderful collaborations this year including this Shawe partnership. I enjoyed working with them and also transitioning from warm to cool with this sweater and wedge sandals. Plus we moved back to Kansas and life was weird. So it was all a mixture of crazy at this point. 10 Oct


This was the month when I decided to stop wearing so much black, which helped me feel more vibrant. I bought this hat from Free the People and I’ve been wearing it pretty frequently. It’s a great piece of accessory to own. 11 Nov


A lot of happened to be in the month of December. Chloe got puppy cancer, we had her tumor removed, and I bought corduroy pants. She became such an important part of my life. It was the month where I seriously had to stop complaining and get a grip on life. It’s not that bad. It’s good. 12 Dec

Thank you for following me for another year. I’ve been doing this thing since 2012 and it’s been a roller coaster ride. I enjoy seeing how much I’ve changed not just in style and through clothes, but how I’ve matured and grown as a person. That’s why 2020 makes me feel excited. I hope you enjoy the new year. I hope it brings you nothing but the best. Cheers. I appreciate you.



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