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Good late night everyone!

It’s been a long day. Man getting back at it with work makes for longer and tiring days, but structure feels nice. Because I’m back to work, posting will come later, but it will come.

Tonight’s post features this brow tool I found from Tarte, the Sketch & Set.DSC_1433DSC_1426

It’s been such a great find. It’s got everything I need from the perfect color, to the dual pencil, and gel tinted brush.



The above two pictures features my brows without this product. I’ve struggled a lot growing up with taming these girls. I have thick and dark brows. I used to think that I was a cursed of epic proportions. Because of this I would over pluck then mess things up even worse than the month before.

As of late, I’ve embraced who these girls are and who they want to be without question, but also to help them stay put, I’m going with this Tarte beauty product.


I first use the pencil side to line the brow and I color in any uneven areas for a smooth finish. Lastly I use the gel tinted brush to keep my brows put. They tend to be wild so this step tames them.


The top picture features the left side all done up and the before brow is on the right. The second photo features both brows done.

The color that I picked up is dark brown even though my hair color is black. It matched perfectly. I hope you find this review helpful and if you’re looking for something new to try, pick this brow combo. I’ll see you all back here on Wednesday. Thanks for your continued support.


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